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Wednesday, March 9, 2011 | Wednesday, March 09, 2011 | 1 Comments

Secrets About Blogg Received by Google Adsence

Secrets About Blogg received by  Google Adsence is my first posting about Google Adsence (GA)
Who wouldn't want to blogg owns generate revenue?, So we have revenue blogg one way is to already have Google Adsence. To get Google Adsence have secret or special way. What is the secret?

The following are some of the secrets that I gained from the results of conversations with bloggers who already have a Google Adsence

MA: Assalamu Alaikum

AQ: wa'alaikumsalam Pak, was working on what is now

MA: new home a Sir of new school les until afternoon to bw but open fb first

AQ: one day the target bw, how should you visit the blogg, Sir?

MA: I am now more pursue backlink from abroad Sir for adsense if bw in country I visited the blog visit the blog I just

AQ: how, what bw to blogg people abroad (Westerner)?

MA: iya pak but must carefully his comments should be relevant if just say nice post can-can we reported as spam again

AQ: emmm, btw adsence terms list what? I want the focus to one of the blogg but confused, choose the mathematics or the General

MA: If I chose a common course Sir, but if you want to easily can focus the same math, grab the material from the book and translate, but don't on google

AQ: why if at google?, I used to use google

MA: if delivered to adsense then use google translate would be detected if we often use translate google and ads we will appear at googletranslateuserontent it will lower income

AQ: oooo, so lay me Sir, am also if my blogg is considered often coffee paste by google and therefore never appear on page 1 s. d 4

MA: now google alghoritma changed Sir weight blog also accounted for PR and blogs are considered much copas would indeed be punished was thrown into the page back, eh iya blog restyled first Sir of navigation/menu created regularly then the language settings on the dashboard was changed so the language of the United Kingdom. menu there should be about me, home, and labels

AQ: I see “SMP 3 Lembang” i.e. blogg belongs to you, to understand this message, I do not understand the point about what is navigation, sorry.

MA: a menu that brought the header

AQ: in my blogg there menu, continue to the page, to change the menu several times I failed. If the page can but place not so each home and contact

MA: use css only Sir like had I stayed put url and text

AQ: I belong to the domain still free of the Sir, there is the influence of what is not?

MA: my Domain still free.

AQ: ooo gitu, but can have income, wuihhh make my spirit if so.

MA: Yes but to the spirit of the Sir to manage blogg, later when it's acceptable to make a blog similar to regardless and plug the other so code adsensenya diblog until regardless of the permissible

AQ: I guess one blogg one adsence, if I manage blogg mathematics and the material is also about the behaviour of high school students and must be translatte in bing, kira2 what qualifies?

MA: If there is a category listing later pak to be filled well the suggestion I fill with education only first category second category can science
the title should be changed to English idioms also Sir description

AQ: I read the discusi the bloggers in his group, about navigation breadcrumb Dhana

MA: Yes Sir I also learn from all my friends because it just all dapatnya from google

AQ: the more I am aware of the importance of English idioms

MA: the theme of the writing should one only Sir so the term niche blogs

AQ: what else should I prepare my income, so that the blogg. a credit card, paypal or do

MA: don't Sir later we get paid to use western union origin of the name and address exactly fills with ID Cards we don't no difference at all

AQ: You often can from adsence or from the services of affilate link??

MA: affilate link I am now stuck because seldom I is managed out it took a long time to get the payout

AQ: thank you, Sir, upon enlightenment about google adsence.

MA: I am also grateful to you

AQ: Assalam alaikum, see you againts

MA: Wa'alaikumsalam


Dhana/戴安娜 said...

greeting for you
i just show for the conversation and than will be todo if i can hehehe

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